Tips For Buying The Perfect Neckcloth

A neckcloth is the ultimate accessory, turning the simplest of outfits into something more fashionable and alluring with little effort at all. However, it can be hard to find a neckcloth that fits your specific needs and tastes well, which is why you should read this article before you buy one next time you need one. Here are tips for buying the perfect neckcloth.

1. Find Out What Style Of Neckcloth You Need

Sometimes you can’t tell just by looking at a neckcloth whether or not it’s the right kind of neckcloth for your needs. However, you can find out this information if you do a little research on all the different styles of neckcloths, as well as their purposes. Once you know what style is best for your needs, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your tastes and preferences.

2. Get Dressy

If you want to feel dressed up and handsome every time you wear your neckcloth, make sure it has a little extra flair to it in terms of color patterns or design elements. You can still find neckcloths with simple patterns that won’t clash with your shirt or suit, but if you really want a dressier neckcloth, it’s best to choose one that has more style and panache to it.

3. Find A Neckcloth That Looks Good With Your Facial Features

There are three different main types of neckcloths: the standard tie, the cravat, and the ascot. Each of these types can be worn in several different ways, as well as colors and patterns. Finding a neckcloth that looks good on you all depends on how it complements your facial features. If your neckline is narrow, you could choose a cravat style neckcloth. If your neckline is wide, you could go for a tie-style neckcloth. For small features like ears and nose, an ascot style would be better than a tie-style to really make it stand out. Finally, if you have a prominent chin or jawline, an ascot style may look best on you even though ties are usually associated with the larger of the two jawlines.