Features Of Windbreaker

Windbreaker is the newest addition to our Men’s and Women’s collections for Fall. With it’s waterproof and windproof construction, this jacket is sure to meet any of your fall weather needs.

Features of windbreaker

1.Detachable Hood

This jacket features a detachable hood that is stowed in the collar of the jacket. This allows you to wear it when you need it, and also makes it easy to carry around if you don’t need it.

2. Waterproof

Made with waterproof materials and designed with a water resistant rating of 6000 mm, this jacket will keep you dry on any rainy day!

3. Windproof – Breathable

This windbreaker is made with breathable materials that will allow air to flow through the jacket, allowing your body heat to escape while keeping cool winds at bay.

4. Elastic Cuffs

With its elastic cuffs and hem, this jacket seals in pockets of air to keep warm air trapped inside the jacket. This will keep you warmer than most jackets with non-elastic cuffs.

5. 2 Pockets

This jacket has 2 pockets, one on either side, that allow for easy storage of items during the colder months of the year. With a 5,000mm waterproofing and windproofing rating, this jacket will be able to withstand any rainstorm or strong winds.

6. Adjustable Hood – Headphone Friendly

The hood of this jacket features an adjustable drawstring hood to keep your head warm on cold days and can be easily adjusted to accommodate headphones in case you need to take a phone call while on the move.

7. Zipper – Inner Lining

The front zipper of this jacket is made with a water resistant zipper to keep the rain out and inner pockets provide comfort and warmth for your hands.

8. Product Detail:

Your jacket is made with waterproof nylon, which keeps water out, while allowing air to pass through the jacket. In addition to being breathable and windproof, it is also water resistant and has a waterproof rating of 6000mm. This will keep you dry as you enjoy any rainy day outside! We’ve added a detachable hood that can be stowed away if you don’t need it, or easily removed to carry on your back if you want to go somewhere without the hood in place. With 2 pockets on either side of the jacket that are accessible even when zipped up, this jacket provides for easy storage of items during cold weather months.