Qualities Of A Simple Shirt

A simple shirt is a shirt with only one panel of fabric that goes down to the waist. They originated in the mid-19th century as a less expensive alternative to the more costly, bell-shaped shirt. But in terms of style, many people like them because they are easy to sew and can be created using pattern pieces from a simple shirt.

Qualities of a simple shirt

1. A simple shirt can be made from any fabric.

For a dress shirt, you want something more formal and unlikely to wrinkle in the wash. But for something like a casual short-sleeved shirt, you can make it from anything.

2. A simple shirt requires less fabric to make it.

Since the sleeves are not connected at the shoulder seam, you need less fabric for that area so that you can have full-sized sleeves instead of just half-sleeves. The same is true for the torso, which you can include if you have enough fabric because it is not connected at the waist.

3. Simple Shirt Pattern Pieces Are Small.

This makes it easy to include small details like buttons and pockets in your simple shirt pattern. It’s also possible to make a simple shirt out of a simple shirt pattern, but some people find that they’d make an essential pattern piece and then create their style from there.

4. A Simple Shirt Fits Better Than A Regular Shirt.

Simplicity 8420 is a pattern designed to make a simple shirt, and there are other ones out there as well. But the advantage of using this one is that it follows the natural shape of your body instead of clinging like a typical shirt would. You can also make adjustments if you want to add darts or if you want to alter the length or the width.